Friday, 4 February 2011

Who put that there???

Well well well its been faaaaaaaaaaar too long since I had a good ramble on about nothing....

soooooo what has been going on since the last time.. lemme see.... well the snow finally went away, shame really because I LOVE the snow, its so pretty but I suppose it had to go away some time *sigh*

Oh I got a pet snake... FINALLY!! I just been waiting my whole life for a pet snake!!! He is AWESOME! Still a baby though,he is a Royal Python and is a total stunner see-



Soooo cool! I called him Salazar Slytherin Can't wait to see how big he is gonna get.

I been a tad creative lately, been writing random poems and stories. I'll add a couple of poems but the stories are works in progress...

Airshow Anticipation

Summer is here

The day is hot and hazy

The sound of a crowd

The smell of sea and hot dogs

I am sat gazing out to the horizon

Straining to see that little dot

The time is almost here

The time I have been waiting for

A glint on the horizon

A speck getting bigger

Bigger and bigger

The speck is now a grey blur

Roaring past us

A screaming aeroplane

Twin engines aglow

Low and fast

An airborne killer

Yet a beauty to die for

It’s a Tornado

It is that time of year again

The time I have been waiting for

It is airshow season

Just done that one, the next one is an old one.....

Misery of the Playstation Junkie.

Please God have mercy on me

This cannot be the terrible truth

That one cold, dark lonely night

My Playstation died

No more zombies in the streets

No more flashy speeding cars

No more anti-grav ships

All because my Playstation died

Sephiroth is summoning Meteor

Evil is now coming this way

But I can no longer save the world

All because my Playstation died

No more blood in glorious red

No more blowing heads to oblivion

My life as a zombie hunter is now at an end

All because my Playstation died

Now I’m feeling so alone

Without my friends beside me

Cloud, Squall, Leon and Lara too

All because my Playstation died

Sad I know lmao. I may put up part of one of my stories when I think it is good enough

Right..... back to listening to choons.....


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