Wednesday, 22 July 2009

OMG what day is it??

Yup I managed to get lost on what day it is today X|
Been sitting the whole day believeing it was Tuesday so I got very baffled when Stu mentioned shopping tomorrow. We usually go shopping on a Thursday....... tomorrow is Wednesday I thought... Until Stu pointed out today IS Wednesday X|
So the week has went a little quicker than I thougth! Would go quicker if I could get on Assassins Creed, but I cant, Stu broke the PS3 controller X|
Dunno how long am gonna have to go without a game until we can get a new one.... typical....
Oh well.
Back to Vampire Wars......

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I think its done....

Ok, its why I shouldn't get going on technology, I do have a tendency to play around with it... I think I broke some of the HTML on my website again lmao!
Oh well, another long night of reading code to find where the hell I gone wrong.....

Yet more Ven

Yes yet again there is more Venvierra on the net, I seem to get everywhere hehehehe.
What can I say? Its fun!
Just a quickie today, little pissed off its raining here, means I'm gonna miss a passover by the International Space Station tonight :( Oh well, hopefully I can see it tomorrow.
And its a dark moon this week so the stars will look all pretty :D