Wednesday, 30 November 2011


So November comes to an end and another year is almost gone. i really cannot believe how quick the year has gone  But the quicker its over the better, it has been a fucking shit year for us  With fucktards putting out our livingroom window and car window and egging the house and just shit with money I will be glad to see the back of this year and be happy to start fresh next year.
But first......
I have to get my least favourite time of year out of the way.....
You may like it but I cannot stand it. I never have liked it, ask my mum. I just don't see the point of all  the hype for one day and for something I don't even believe in  I just fucking wish they would stop ramming that shit down peoples throats earlier and earlier every fucking year. I feel like the middle person in a human centipede with this Christmas shite
No I don't like it.
No I will not cheer up.
Yes I would be happier not having to listen to people dribble on about it
I'll be glad when its all over for another year.
I will be having my usual Yule party with the rest of my Pagan friends Those parties are always a giggle and the feast we have is always amazing
Anyways Ezio is calling out to go and assassinate more bad guys so I think I will go do that now and I will sign off for now with a
Blessed Be