Wednesday, 9 December 2009


FINALLY! People have decided to do something about the bile that has been vomited from our TV screens for the last few years that is X Factor!

Finally the people have decided to take the Christmas Number 1 spot off that square headed cunt Simon Cowell (can i PLEASE kick him hard up the arse with my steel toecapped boots? it'll be fun!).


Now let me remind us of what the Christmas Number 1 used to be like before the X Factor made certain that any talentless

Cowell puppet miming a cover (usual a crap one) will be Christmas Number 1....... Do you remember there would be a few songs sometimes decent sometimes not which would be released at the right time for a No1 spot at Christmas? Anyone remember the race to the No1 spot? And remember how close it used to get? I do. I remember the true crap like Mr Blobby *cringes* and I remember when there used to be actual Christmassy songs in the running... Not anymore. No one seems to want to try to compete with the mindless masses who will buy anything pumped out by the Cowell Automaton Machine that is the X Factor. I swear that if I ever have to hear anyone talking about, or posting on their FB statuses about that pile of steaming shite any more I will personally shoot the fucking lot of them before hunting down Cowell and making a hunting sport out of him.

Music fans everywhere have decided to take a stand for the sake of music by signing up to a FaceBook group suggesting a mass purchase of Rage Against the Machine's Killing In the Name Of (FUCKING AWESOME CHOON! WELL DONE ON THE CHOICE!). The groups motto has been taken from the song's classic line... FUCK YOU I WONT BUY WHAT YOU SELL ME!

Fuck no I wont! Check out the group for yourselves - its past 450,000 members now and still growing so never know we may have a chance to take No1 back from the Cowell machine.

As you may know, the X Factor single will also go towards a charity so the founders of the group have set up a charity that the members can donate too. The charity is Shelter, helping the homeless, a very good cause -

Donations are nearing £3000 now, bloody awesome

While on the group and in some media articles covering the success of the group keep pointing out that Simon Cowell is on Sony so he might get profits from this and Sony will still get profits from this.... Right, ok, we actually KNOW that they are both on Sony, Cowell does not own Sony, they own him and RATM will get profits from this, not Cowell. But to be honest it is not about the money, its about getting that manufactured X Factor FILTH off the Christmas No1. We have had criticism about the choice of song and the whole "fuck you I won't buy what ya sell me" theme, kinda saying its defeating the point and its telling people what to do... its just a statement on how we feel about things like the X Factor and the phrase is pointed at Cowell... FUCK YOU I WON'T BUY WHAT YOU SELL ME COWELL!!

Though you have to admit even bad publicity is publicity and it will get people curious and may join in so yay us

So... if you are sick of the X Factor dominating the No1 spot, join in even if you don't even like the song! Come along to join the group, if you don't want to join the group just download a copy of Killing in the name of from the 13th December to the 19th (am doing mine on the 14th to make sure). I'll post up the right links to do that when its time. You never know this might wake other bands up and re start the old race to Xmas No1 there used to be in the good ol days

......Plus it would be funny to see uptight people choke on their turkey dinners if the Christmas No1 blasts out with the word 'Fuck' in it (true they will probably play the radio edit but we can always hope they will accidently on purpose put the unedited version on... we can dream )

Oh and this is just my opinion... so if ya loooooove the X Factor don't get ya knickers in a twist!