Friday, 16 October 2009

woooo tattoos

wey I been having some fun lately I have two new tattoos and a new piercing which all look AWESOME
tats are all itchy now cos they are healing, got them done just a week ago and got the piercing on saturday last week so thats starting to itch now its healing.
am chilling out at the min psyching myself up for a ghost hunt at sunderland air museum am freaking out but looking forward to it lol gonna take some photos and see what i can pick up
look out for the blog when i sort them out

right family guy is on......

Thursday, 1 October 2009


ehehehe am pissed
... ok Ven is pissed what is new there???
who knows lmao. aint been in the mood to be pissed for a while to be honest but today we got guys in to inspect the work thats been done and they says from the looks of things nothing else has to be done ok pick me off the floor lmao
not used to Gateshead Council to be finished owt lmfao :D
though the outside of the house is still a work in progress for the structural things going on here at the min. hopefully that wont be long.
in hope that the inside of the house is done i been working on a few odds and ends of decorating. an idea or 2 here comes. This is my new fireplace and fire -

the sides gonna be both painted solid red and am gonna stencil gold dragons either side with a rather YAY ENGLAND theme :D have a look at the latest design -

imagine that mirrored on either side of me fireplace with a red background :D