Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wow, the secret to having a life!!

Well, been having one of those random can’t sleep nights so I started to do some reading to see where my life has gone wrong, see if there is anything that I can do or should be doing to make it perfect and I seem to have found a few solutions.

First of all not giving a damn what people say about you is a good thing to do. Hmmmmm I already knew that but it seems I missed something.. I have to not give a damn SO MUCH about what people say that I have to COMMENT on what they say about me... DAMN!! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong there! Wow!

Next I should tell anyone who has been saying things to get over themselves and point out how awesome I am and how awesome I have been doing that is WAY better than them..... so I have to make them get over themselves by pushing in their faces how awesome I am.

Also if I think people are full of themselves I should point out that I am so awesome I am a deity or that I am going out with a deity because thinking myself or someone I'm with as a god or goddess is normal and not full of myself and that I'm bloody gorgeous too. Damn I went wrong there, keep thinking am fat and butt ugly and no fucker likes me!!

Right and it seems if people point out I must have too much time on my hands I must prove I haven’t by saying I never have time to say owt by typing shitloads about all the awesome things I have been doing . GAWDS that was one I would have NEVER worked out!!

It also looks like I have to show them how mature I am and point out how immature they are by name calling and picking on people’s weight and looks. Damn and here was me ignoring people’s flaws, I was so wrong there.

Good god having friends who can have a giggle about silly things is wrong too! So Ann Summers parties with loads of girls are a no no because they are far too silly and immature especially when alcohol is involved! Even worse is having a group of good friends you do everything with because you all get on so well and are so close!! Damn I should have just random friends I just bitch too when I have nothing else to do. Also sod all the other friends I have, they are all immature and have too many silly giggles, that’s just WRONG!!

Wow I also have to put up a picture of what people say I look like to prove how WRONG they are too!!

No wonder I’m a sad fuck like people who do all these things say, that’s where it has all gone wrong!!! THAT IS A LIFE TO THEM!!!

Well bollox that, if that is a life I rather not have one so people who don't like me for who I am can KISS MY BIG FAT HAIRY ASS!!!