Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Size is Just a Size, Not a Person

I am actually getting sick of shit that is segregating the different sizes of people. I am so sick of shit like - ‘This is attractive cos…. or this is nasty cos…. fat is unhealthy cos…. Thin is healthy cos…' Well I will be polite here… "FUCK THE FUCK OFF FUCKING CUNTS!” You may not be attracted to big men or women, well fair doos. If you like your woman average, thin, skinny, athletic or bony then awesome! Just don't point out your dislike of anyone else! Or you are just sad really. The same goes for those who like big women. Please will you top saying shit like ‘who wants a bag of bones?' or ' REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES!' Well fuck you, REAL WOMEN HAVE EVERYTHING! They are fat, they are thin, they are tall, they are short, they are muscle bound, they are weedy, the are average, they are beyond average.
 One thing is that we all are attracted to different things so get the fuck over that fact. One thing that annoys me the most is that people use your size as an indicator to how healthy you are. and What you eat. ‘Oh you fatty must be unhealthy! Get off the McDonalds all day!' Erm, are you my doctor? I'm sorry but am pretty healthy, the docs are very happy with my health and I work out daily for at least an hour, more if I have time. I eat fresh fruit and veg where I can, I would every day if I could afford that since I prefer to prepare meals from scratch with fresh ingredients. I don't like fast food, I don't like cake, I don't like most the shit that is used as an insult to what I am supposed to be eating :/ I know there is skinny folks who eat like fuck but gain nothing and are being abused for being ‘too thin' :/ I bet there is many, many more women who can relate to both of these scenarios :/ Not everyone falls under one category. Can we please get over this shit now and let people see the beauty they want to see and shut the fuck up when we don't like what we see!