Saturday, 26 September 2009

OMG!!! I should keep this up...

Bloody hell its been far too long since I caught up on my blogs been so busy its been easy to forget.
Lets see... well lately I've been getting work done in the house, new windows, doors, heating and new fireplace so its been all upheaval and hell with council coming in and out and loads of dust and drilling and banging yup its been total hell but its just about totally finished hopefully next week I can finally start redecorating and getting the carpets and flooring down and totally clean the house from top to bottom.
At least its alot warmer now damn I love double glazing windows at least its gonna be lovely and warm in the winter here now
what else.... I've had loads of parties which have been such a giggle got loads of photos and I keep doing live broadcasts of the parties heres some party pics -

Christmas Survivors Party

Zombies on Tour ~ KISSTORY

Zombies on Tour ~ Ven's Birthday Randomness

been to a few gigs too :D ROTF, Metallica and of course Diamond Head loads of piccys -


Rebels Of The Fleash

Diamond Head

Metallica was FUCKING AWESOME!!! and Diamond Head of course rocked as always I'm off to see Diamond Head again in February, in Newcastle and Glasgow WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO I can't wait now

I really should get back to this regularly, who knows what randomness I may come up with......