Wednesday, 9 December 2009


FINALLY! People have decided to do something about the bile that has been vomited from our TV screens for the last few years that is X Factor!

Finally the people have decided to take the Christmas Number 1 spot off that square headed cunt Simon Cowell (can i PLEASE kick him hard up the arse with my steel toecapped boots? it'll be fun!).


Now let me remind us of what the Christmas Number 1 used to be like before the X Factor made certain that any talentless

Cowell puppet miming a cover (usual a crap one) will be Christmas Number 1....... Do you remember there would be a few songs sometimes decent sometimes not which would be released at the right time for a No1 spot at Christmas? Anyone remember the race to the No1 spot? And remember how close it used to get? I do. I remember the true crap like Mr Blobby *cringes* and I remember when there used to be actual Christmassy songs in the running... Not anymore. No one seems to want to try to compete with the mindless masses who will buy anything pumped out by the Cowell Automaton Machine that is the X Factor. I swear that if I ever have to hear anyone talking about, or posting on their FB statuses about that pile of steaming shite any more I will personally shoot the fucking lot of them before hunting down Cowell and making a hunting sport out of him.

Music fans everywhere have decided to take a stand for the sake of music by signing up to a FaceBook group suggesting a mass purchase of Rage Against the Machine's Killing In the Name Of (FUCKING AWESOME CHOON! WELL DONE ON THE CHOICE!). The groups motto has been taken from the song's classic line... FUCK YOU I WONT BUY WHAT YOU SELL ME!

Fuck no I wont! Check out the group for yourselves - its past 450,000 members now and still growing so never know we may have a chance to take No1 back from the Cowell machine.

As you may know, the X Factor single will also go towards a charity so the founders of the group have set up a charity that the members can donate too. The charity is Shelter, helping the homeless, a very good cause -

Donations are nearing £3000 now, bloody awesome

While on the group and in some media articles covering the success of the group keep pointing out that Simon Cowell is on Sony so he might get profits from this and Sony will still get profits from this.... Right, ok, we actually KNOW that they are both on Sony, Cowell does not own Sony, they own him and RATM will get profits from this, not Cowell. But to be honest it is not about the money, its about getting that manufactured X Factor FILTH off the Christmas No1. We have had criticism about the choice of song and the whole "fuck you I won't buy what ya sell me" theme, kinda saying its defeating the point and its telling people what to do... its just a statement on how we feel about things like the X Factor and the phrase is pointed at Cowell... FUCK YOU I WON'T BUY WHAT YOU SELL ME COWELL!!

Though you have to admit even bad publicity is publicity and it will get people curious and may join in so yay us

So... if you are sick of the X Factor dominating the No1 spot, join in even if you don't even like the song! Come along to join the group, if you don't want to join the group just download a copy of Killing in the name of from the 13th December to the 19th (am doing mine on the 14th to make sure). I'll post up the right links to do that when its time. You never know this might wake other bands up and re start the old race to Xmas No1 there used to be in the good ol days

......Plus it would be funny to see uptight people choke on their turkey dinners if the Christmas No1 blasts out with the word 'Fuck' in it (true they will probably play the radio edit but we can always hope they will accidently on purpose put the unedited version on... we can dream )

Oh and this is just my opinion... so if ya loooooove the X Factor don't get ya knickers in a twist!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Right, thats it, I've had enough of pointless arguing

Well I'm about to have a right old rant, time for me to say things I probably should have said a long time ago and time to admit things I have never told anyone. All cos of some real stinking attitudes of some people who where supposed to be friends.
There has been some arguments between some friends over a few differences of opinions. I know people have opinions that we may not like, opinions are like arseholes, we all have one and they do cause alot of shit. But usually friends can get past that, I know friends will have an opinion I hate, I'll rant about it, then I get over it. I might have got all stupid over shit like that in the past but I realised how stupid I was being and give myself a kick up the arse and got over it and left it at that. Seems there is people who can't do that and they go on and on and on and on and on after they have blocked and deleted the person who they where having the difference in opinion with. GAH! Funny the same thing seems to happen round about the same time every year, sometimes with the same people, sometimes with different people.
Maybe I should blame this time of year, the usual Shitmas turns people into cunts... who knows??
I just usual ignore the arguments between friends because both sides are my friends and am not gonna agree with any of them.
Well another argument has blown up again, this time its got beyond annoying. A comment was made by a friend about another friends comments and maybe this friend could have been the bigger person and walked away from it but nope they bit and it just erupted from there. Now its turned into self
righteous rants on BOTH sides. YES ON BOTH SIDES I know I've had them kinda rants meself and it would have been better if just one had backed down and said whatever have ya opinion but nope, its got out of control now. This time I've been dragged right in and been blocked and deleted by people I thought where friends.
Get this... I read that some of us use depression as an excuse for the odd rant..... hmmmm
So now I've decided I should let people in on how ill I actually am. Its not something I talk about easy. Some things not even my closest friends and family know but I'll tell you now that the happy alot thing you see on Facebook is a front most of the time, I really don't want people to get too worried and I just don't wanna bore people.
I do have depression, I've been suffering since I was about 13. Somehow I managed to cope, I went through college with it and had a job until just one day I couldn't leave the house. The panic attacks which have only really been mild started to get massive to the point of screaming. At first I didn't want to admit there was something bad going on there so I started to self-medicate with alcohol though I know fine well that does not help in any way. The drunk feeling gave me a false happy and they of course you lose that when you sober up and so I kept drinking to keep that happy there. I ended up an alcoholic. Was out of my mind every night on one form of drink or another. Took me months to finally admit I had a problem and I finally went for some help. I did self harm too. I keep the scars well hidden and if they do show up on a photo of me I photoshop them out. I can shake so much because of anxiety that I can't even make a cup of tea without hurting myself bad by spilling hot water all over myself. The doctor put me on medication and sent me to
counselling which I have been in and out of ever since. I've had to be on suicide watch several times too. The meds have been changed and adjusted to finally find one thats keeping me mildly stable. I'm on a massive amount at the moment and I had been starting to get some kind of life back together, like going to gigs, the odd night out and a party or two but I can't go to any of these on my own, I have to have someone with me. I still have panic attacks just thinking about leaving the house on my own. I can't even go to the shop without someone with me. Only thing I can do is walk the dogs, cos I kinda do have someone with me there. I've been told by my docs and my councillor that I may never get better and if I'm going too its not going to be over night and might never be completely. It may just be the right combination of medication to get me back on my feet. I would love to get back on my feet thats why I'm in contact with the jobcentre every 3 or 4 weeks for courses I can do at home, things to read that will help and any advice they can give. I'm at the docs for checkups regular and have to see the councillor regular too and I try to follow my doctors and councillors advice and try to have fun with my friends and try to get out more even if its just a walk in the woods because having fun is the best therapy every. The shakes have never really gone away, they are just sometimes less, sometimes more. But... every now and again I fall back. I start to relapse with the alcoholism and I'm told time and time again by the docs and the councillor just to try to stop drinking but I'm finding that very very hard. I should exercise every day but all I want to do sometimes is sleep, exercise is good therapy too. I get days I eat too much and I get days I don't eat at all. I need to lose weight I know and I know that will help too. Its all easier said than done at times. I'm back on suicide watch and I fucking hate feeling that way. I'm going through another rough patch and as usual I try not to show any of it.

Think of me what the fuck you like after reading this. If I'm attention seeking, fine am attention seeking. Just remember I haven't spoken about much of this. And to say people use depression as an excuse is showing you really know nothing about depression at all. It effects everyone in different ways. Yes some people can have it and get on with everything fine, and there those who have it way worse than me. I accept that. I don't know everything about mental illnesses and I've studied them. No one knows everything about it, even my councillor will tell you that. And to those who are agreeing with the using depression as an excuse who say they have it, yes there is people who do, but you should know better yourself. What if it was you people where saying this about and others who don't even know you are agreeing?? Think about that.
I fully admit I can be a shitty person, most the time I'm not well, sometimes I just can't be arsed but at least I can admit I can be an asshole. I fucking hate myself, I don't think am good looking, I know am fat and really I don't care. Its who I am and I got over that fact a long time ago.
I've had enough of all the pettiness and arguing now. If you are all gonna do that, keep it in private ffs. Don't like what I gotta say, you don't have to read what I put. Really don't like it, delete me and block me and call me a fat attention seeking whore if you like. Maybe I fucking am.
I'll say now don't come back to me if you have done that being all nice, I may not be nice back.

Great now I wanna get rat arsed and forget all this.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

2012 - Movie Review

Well I went to see this movie yesterday after a long wait for it to finally be released. I'm a sucker for disaster films of ANY kind so I couldn't wait to go see this one

Soooooo, what do we know already before I get started...

Well as you all may or may not know its based on the supposed end of the Mayan calendar which has been calculated to end on 21.12.2012 (just looks like some kinda code to me that but there ya go who knows might add up to 42 lmfao ). From alot of reading I have done on the Mayan people in the past and the date that was originally calculated (2003) they will probably say they miss calculated if nothing happens... again.

Anyways, I went in expecting it to be the usual American disaster movie.... random humour, suspense, massive on the special effects, cheesy pass-me-the-sickbag sappyness and an over-elaborate will never work in reality plan by the Americans to save the world.... Well I was right about everything bar one thing..... the Americans didn't save the world.. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Can't really say theres any kind of plot to it, worlds gonna end, scientists find out, plans put in place to save some people, the most unlikely person and his family try to get to safety... the usual stuff really. There was too much lovey-dovey 'sobsob I love you so goodbye' pukeness for my liking, but thats me
Rather see all action and pretty explosions in a movie such as this, if I wanna see a movie about people, I'll go see Amelia.

The science behind how the world is ending is pretty good, though I am not quite sure things could happen the way they did in the movie with some of the research I've done before. Simply put, there is these things called neutrinos that hit the Earth all the time, they pass right through everything and have little or no effect on anything. A massive solar storm has doubled the neutrinos hitting the Earth that causes the core to heat up, the crust of the Earth begins to slip causing massive catastrophes.... Phew! (
I see you sleeping! see me after class!) Neutrinos are really really interesting.. read for yourselves -

Kinda helps if you have a little interest in particle physics though lol
Myself, I couldn't really see that happening but then again it could, this is all just theory and speculation. I an curious to what double the amount of neutrinos over a long period of time will do to matter, maybe thats an experiment for CERN..... The whole idea of the Earth's crust suddenly shifting and causing massive climate changes is not a new theory, it was first put forward in the 1950's. Little bit of interesting reading on this -

Right I'll shut up now about the science bit... its just interesting to me lol
I can hear you all snoring from here! LMAO!

So, the scientists find it out and they come up with some kinda plan to save people like building huuuuuuuge ships in secret, it turns out to be mainly important people and the rich... seems like that would happen to me, a bunch of 50yrold+ male politicians would put their own asses over everyone elses to 'save' the human race while selling places in the ships to the rich asswipes of the world... not that I'm cynical or anything lol

It was fun watching the world just go totally tits up
Massive earthquakes (though geologists laugh at the prospect of a magnitude 10+ earthquake so that may never happen), massive tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, disruptions in the magnetic field and so on. Was funny as fuck to watch L.A sink into the Pacific and the Yellowstone supervolcano going ka-BOOM??? YES!!!! *claps hands enthusiastically*

My favourite bit in the whole movie, apart from Yellowstone going boom was watching a massive tsunami dump the aircraft carrier USS John F Kennedy on the White House.... I ROFL at that while bouncing and cheering
.... I think the other people in the cinema thought I was rather twisted because of all my giggling at the death, destruction and utter chaos

I was disappointed at the overdose of American sappy make-people-vomit cheese but its to be expected with a movie like this and also that the world didn't go totally ka-BLAM! it didn't even fizzle out
just ended with American cheese and people actually being saved supposed to be the end of the world dammit!!

Best thing I can say for this movie.... leave your brain at home and sit back and enjoy the pretty colours

Remember boys and girls, the 2012 prophecies are just a theory, the world might not end then, but yet again it might. And just cos the world don't end in 2012 it doesn't mean it ain't gonna end, they just might have the date wrong lmao. For all we know it could go ka-BLAM tomorrow lmfao!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Back in Black

I've done it again.... left it too long since my last blog.... DAMMIT!!
Always the same though lol.
Sooooooooooo.... whats happened so far....
Not much to tell really, the ghost hunt I went on was alot of fun and bloody odd, seen and heard some weird shit that night!
Didn't realise that Sunderland air museum was that haunted but then again I'm mostly there through the day lol! I took a few photos and I did pick things up on them, have a look through and see what ya can spot on them -

I've got the ghost hunt bug now, I'm off on one in Darlington on the 20th Nov for Children in Need, can't wait for that! Supposed to be some so called celebs going... ones someone from Big Brother the other is some singer I've never heard of so not really celebs in my eyes but am in a wind up mood and considering Stu is coming too... lets see if we can scared the crap outta them hehehehehehehehe

This house is pretty freaky so I decided to randomly take photos and I picked up stuff in here. Heres some to took at -

the place was still in chaos of cleaning, moving, decorating and tidying off the work that been done so the things in he pics could be dust or could be other things.... you decide lol

Halloween this year was a riot! I did the usual and went OTT on decorating the house which both kids and adults loved! I even got dressed up for it hehehehe
we ended up at a party late on and here is the photos that came from that night-

So much fun

We had a catastrophe of the PS3 breaking on us when we where playing on Brutal Legend. OMG it was a nightmare thought I was gonna go insane without me games we couldn't get it fixed so I had to sacrifice money I been saving for Glasgow next year to buy a brand new PS3 though it was fun going out and getting a shiny new PS3 Only thing is we lost all the game saves so we pretty much have to go through all the games again....... ARGH!!!! Suppose thats no bad thing, be like playing all me games new allover again I'll get back to everything once I wipe everything on Brutal Legend hehehehe OMFG that game ROCKS!!!!!! what a bitchin soundtrack \m/ \m/ I'll probably end up ignoring most me games once Assassins Creed 2 comes out, I cannot wait for that game!

Well.... I think thats it for now apart from my tats and piercing is healing well so back to Brutal Legend.............

Friday, 16 October 2009

woooo tattoos

wey I been having some fun lately I have two new tattoos and a new piercing which all look AWESOME
tats are all itchy now cos they are healing, got them done just a week ago and got the piercing on saturday last week so thats starting to itch now its healing.
am chilling out at the min psyching myself up for a ghost hunt at sunderland air museum am freaking out but looking forward to it lol gonna take some photos and see what i can pick up
look out for the blog when i sort them out

right family guy is on......

Thursday, 1 October 2009


ehehehe am pissed
... ok Ven is pissed what is new there???
who knows lmao. aint been in the mood to be pissed for a while to be honest but today we got guys in to inspect the work thats been done and they says from the looks of things nothing else has to be done ok pick me off the floor lmao
not used to Gateshead Council to be finished owt lmfao :D
though the outside of the house is still a work in progress for the structural things going on here at the min. hopefully that wont be long.
in hope that the inside of the house is done i been working on a few odds and ends of decorating. an idea or 2 here comes. This is my new fireplace and fire -

the sides gonna be both painted solid red and am gonna stencil gold dragons either side with a rather YAY ENGLAND theme :D have a look at the latest design -

imagine that mirrored on either side of me fireplace with a red background :D


Saturday, 26 September 2009

OMG!!! I should keep this up...

Bloody hell its been far too long since I caught up on my blogs been so busy its been easy to forget.
Lets see... well lately I've been getting work done in the house, new windows, doors, heating and new fireplace so its been all upheaval and hell with council coming in and out and loads of dust and drilling and banging yup its been total hell but its just about totally finished hopefully next week I can finally start redecorating and getting the carpets and flooring down and totally clean the house from top to bottom.
At least its alot warmer now damn I love double glazing windows at least its gonna be lovely and warm in the winter here now
what else.... I've had loads of parties which have been such a giggle got loads of photos and I keep doing live broadcasts of the parties heres some party pics -

Christmas Survivors Party

Zombies on Tour ~ KISSTORY

Zombies on Tour ~ Ven's Birthday Randomness

been to a few gigs too :D ROTF, Metallica and of course Diamond Head loads of piccys -


Rebels Of The Fleash

Diamond Head

Metallica was FUCKING AWESOME!!! and Diamond Head of course rocked as always I'm off to see Diamond Head again in February, in Newcastle and Glasgow WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO I can't wait now

I really should get back to this regularly, who knows what randomness I may come up with......