Tuesday, 13 March 2012

hehe had to do that 
So what have I been up to lately?
....really not much, just painting Games Workshop models, i
mmersing myself into a Blood Angels army 
FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!tee hee 
Anyways here is a few pics of stuff I have done so far -

Blood AngelBig gunReady!SniperBlood AngelsGolden AngelGolden Angel
Sanguinary GuardSanguinary GuardSanguinary GuardSanguinary GuardSanguinary GuardDeath Company DreadnoughtAstorath the Grim
Astorath the GrimCommander DanteThe Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host
I'm well pleased with what I've done so far  Especially since my hands shake really bad, takes some concentration to be able to paint these things for me but I find it quite therapeutic 
Also I have took part in an Alternative Model contest... me! In a modelling contest  I can't believe I bloody entered  
Got some nice photos out of it too 

What is the most surprising is that I even got through to the finals  and I been taking part in an advert for it  HOLY SHIT!!!!! Well even if I don't go any further I have met some awesome people and had a bloody fantastic time doing it  Been a giggle and a half 
Been gaming a shitload too, been online on Space Marine alot  WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! so much fun  Think I may play tonight as a Blood Angel of course 
Not done much else really, been a quiet month. I think I will sign off for now with a....