Wednesday, 30 November 2011


So November comes to an end and another year is almost gone. i really cannot believe how quick the year has gone  But the quicker its over the better, it has been a fucking shit year for us  With fucktards putting out our livingroom window and car window and egging the house and just shit with money I will be glad to see the back of this year and be happy to start fresh next year.
But first......
I have to get my least favourite time of year out of the way.....
You may like it but I cannot stand it. I never have liked it, ask my mum. I just don't see the point of all  the hype for one day and for something I don't even believe in  I just fucking wish they would stop ramming that shit down peoples throats earlier and earlier every fucking year. I feel like the middle person in a human centipede with this Christmas shite
No I don't like it.
No I will not cheer up.
Yes I would be happier not having to listen to people dribble on about it
I'll be glad when its all over for another year.
I will be having my usual Yule party with the rest of my Pagan friends Those parties are always a giggle and the feast we have is always amazing
Anyways Ezio is calling out to go and assassinate more bad guys so I think I will go do that now and I will sign off for now with a
Blessed Be

Monday, 12 September 2011

Wellity well well........

I'm wondering... how long has it been since my last blog?     ....oooh yeah the last one was about going to see Diamond Head live! Now I remember 
Soooooooo... what has been happening since then? *Takes deep breath and begins typing  *
Well, not long after seeing Diamond Head live I went to see none other than our Lords and Masters themselves, my Gods IRON MAIDEN!!!!!  OMFG was I hyped outta my tree for this gig! It had been some time since I worshipped at the alter of Bruce Dickinson  I was so hyper, I made some false nails for the gig 
Here is the nails on-
I was far far too bouncy for my own good that day hehe. And I got right to the front.... yes me... at the front... for Iron Maiden!  I was soooooooooooooooooo close to His Holy Bruceyness it was unreal!!! **I swear I will not try to remove Bruce Dickinson’s trousers with my teeth. Am a good girl, look at my halo… Oh shit where is it??** 
I got some bloody good photos from that night, here is some 

Janick GersSteve Harris
Bruce Dickinson
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden
Bruce Dickinson
Adrian Smith and Steve Harris
Iron Maiden
Bruce Dickinson
*wipes drool off chin* that was one hellava fucking night  ROLL ON THE NEXT MAIDEN GIG I have just started playing around with nail art and here is some of the results so far-
Nails for a Wonder Woman costume
Cybergoth nails
The Red Arrows on nails
Star Trek nails
My favorite aeroplanes on nails.
Top, Left - Right: Spitfire, Space Shuttle, Tornado, Harrier, Typhoon.
Bottom, Left - Right: Vulcan, Concorde, Vampire, SR-71(it kinda failed),Lightning
Iron Maiden nails I made for going to see them live

Metallica Nails

Not bad  Think I may try some Iron Maiden album covers on nails soon... I mean how hard could it be?  lol probably insanely hard but I got some nail art brushes now so it will make it a little easier to do pretty piccys on nails 
So, what else have I done..... oh yes, Sunderland International Airshow! I go every year since it is pretty much on my doorstep and I have not missed it since it started  Yes.... that is a very huge nerd alert hehe. Though there was a problem this year, half way through the airshow I was hit buy a wave while taking photos right on the sea front and my camera was damaged beyond repair with salt water  I am devistated  I love my camera and now I have just a little digi thing that is nothing like my baby  I'm trying to save for a new one and I don't know if my epic telephoto lens is still working since it was attached to the camera at the time and I have no way of testing it  ARGH I suppose I'll find out when I finally manage to get a new camera  At least I got loads of fantastic photos before the camera was killed. They are all on here -
I didn't get photos of the Vulcan XH558  next time I hope 
It sucked not having my camera when we went to visit Beamish Open Air museum but I still managed to get some decent pics with that little digi thing and with a little playing in Photoshop they are a tad epic 
Sundial and Pockerly Old Hall
Steam Train
Tram in the Town
Tram in the Town
The Town
Bus and Driver
Morning Lineup
Well....I suppose it isn't a bad camera for a little digi thing, after all it is the same camera I got the photos of Iron Maiden with 
Been chilling mostly though, watching DVDs mainly and playing the odd game and doing the same old routines day in day out... **YAWN** Sometimes that is all you can do though. Except for Halloween this year.... that is gonna ROCK!!!
I think we will need a Doctor!
It's ok, I saw ya fall asleep after the second sentance but I won't give ya detention, it is late right now after all......