Monday, 23 April 2012

I don't know why I am surprised anymore....

Yet again it has been far too long since I have done a blog  I really should try to do this once a week but am just lazy when it comes to thinking of things to write in it   So what has been happening in the world of Ven since last time?Really nowt much  I haven't finished my Space Marines yet, I just haven’t been in the mood to paint. It’s a shame really, I have a Rhino, a assault squad and a tactical squad to paint up   Really should get my ass into gear and get them bloody painted so this Blood Angel can get out there and kick some Chaos ass   I have been playing Space Marine online a lot lately. Nothing more satisfying than hearing 'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!' *SPLATT!!* as I decimate orks with my Thunderhammer  *girly giggles*
Is it possible to have too much fun killing bad guys? Hmmmmmmm  NAAAHHHH!! 
I have my ticket for this year’s Gamesday,

I'm not excited. I swear... *WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!*nerdgasims*  I'm thinking of entering something into the Golden Demon awards. Never know how well I may do Am working on it so there is no photos of what am doing up yet.
I have been doing other little odds and ends with the alternative modeling. I can't believe am getting into doing something like that but it has been a giggle and a half and I have met some awesome people through it  The last thing we did was a few of us be extras in a video that was involving runners at a stadium. Naturally we were part of the crowd but in a very funny way. They had all the alternatives sat in the stands, far away from everyone else but still in the shot and we were not cheering. Just sat there like a little cloud of darkness in the stands. I pointed out the fact we looked like the stereotypical Goths in some kinda high school movie and we sat there laughing our asses off about it   It was fucking brilliant  I been using this opportunity to do some photography myself. I still don't have my SLR but the camera am using is pretty good. Saved up a little and got me a new camera... Canon Ven has bought.. *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUH!!* A Nikon   Its just one of them Coolpix ones but it’s got a awesome lens on it. Here are the pics I did that day-Chillin'

Goths in the StandsChillin'
When does the race start?
This race is dull...
Darkness in the Stands
Goths in the Stands
Look at how much space I have!
It was an awesome day    there is a photo of me but it’s not going up  Am waiting on the other photographers stuff to see if they made me look better than I did lmao. I'm looking to do more photoshoots with alternative models so keep an eye out for more piccys at some point 
So, what else? Oh yeah before the video shoot my computer broke... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! It was hell without it  I was using a laptop while one was getting built for me, pretty good one just with spare bits though. My last computer was like that and it only broke because my dog managed to knock it over   I've set up the new one so that can't happen again but... this fucker has broke too  good look through it and a talk with some tech nerds have pointed to a possible dead power pack so am gonna replace that and hope for the best   I think I will take a hammer to it if it doesn't work  
Not much to say apart from elaborating on the blogs title...
Well, I have been dealing with the usual attacks on my size-
*random cunt: OMG you are soooo FAT!!
Me: Well done, your powers of observation rival that of Sherlock
random cunt: why don't you just put the fork down FATTY!!
Me: I would but it is embedded in the skull of the last person who was a cunt to me*
If you want to insult me for my size I'll give ya a couple of bits of advice-
1. I'm hard to insult. Infact I take the piss out of myself so save yourself the time
2. If you feel you must insult me, please be original. I've heard all that crap before and it makes me yawn. At least try At least try to make me laugh 
3. ....that's it really 

really; fat bashing is getting old and boring. The same tired, old, lame insults coming out of the mouths of people who are too dim to realize how unoriginal they actually are  bet I eat less and exercise more than these cunts do anyways  
Another thing that surprised me is the attitude towards mental health issues. Was having a conversation in a chat room with someone that seemed pretty cool then it got on to depression and such so I started talking about mine. Here is what blew me away (I haven't used their name or online ID)-Person: have you tried not having anxiety and not being depressed?Me: I wish it was that fucking easy  Person: Oh I have this friend, she is going through the same thing but gets all ratty when am not understandingPerson: you know wat I meen? (Their spellings)Me: well not saying 'have you tried not having anxiety and not being depressed?' may be a fucking start... you fucking cunt *logs off before I get banned from that room because of excessive use of curses*
Hmmmmm. If I had of been sober I may have articulated the argument a little better but I was drunk and seething especially when they started saying that they didn't really believed mental health problems exist   Though as suggested by the title of the blog I don't know why I'm surprised with people anymore  There is some right fucktards out there and as I always say... Too many fucktards, not enough bullets  
Well.. I think I have bored you enough  I can see that vacant expression you have  I will sign off with a