Thursday, 12 November 2009

Back in Black

I've done it again.... left it too long since my last blog.... DAMMIT!!
Always the same though lol.
Sooooooooooo.... whats happened so far....
Not much to tell really, the ghost hunt I went on was alot of fun and bloody odd, seen and heard some weird shit that night!
Didn't realise that Sunderland air museum was that haunted but then again I'm mostly there through the day lol! I took a few photos and I did pick things up on them, have a look through and see what ya can spot on them -

I've got the ghost hunt bug now, I'm off on one in Darlington on the 20th Nov for Children in Need, can't wait for that! Supposed to be some so called celebs going... ones someone from Big Brother the other is some singer I've never heard of so not really celebs in my eyes but am in a wind up mood and considering Stu is coming too... lets see if we can scared the crap outta them hehehehehehehehe

This house is pretty freaky so I decided to randomly take photos and I picked up stuff in here. Heres some to took at -

the place was still in chaos of cleaning, moving, decorating and tidying off the work that been done so the things in he pics could be dust or could be other things.... you decide lol

Halloween this year was a riot! I did the usual and went OTT on decorating the house which both kids and adults loved! I even got dressed up for it hehehehe
we ended up at a party late on and here is the photos that came from that night-

So much fun

We had a catastrophe of the PS3 breaking on us when we where playing on Brutal Legend. OMG it was a nightmare thought I was gonna go insane without me games we couldn't get it fixed so I had to sacrifice money I been saving for Glasgow next year to buy a brand new PS3 though it was fun going out and getting a shiny new PS3 Only thing is we lost all the game saves so we pretty much have to go through all the games again....... ARGH!!!! Suppose thats no bad thing, be like playing all me games new allover again I'll get back to everything once I wipe everything on Brutal Legend hehehehe OMFG that game ROCKS!!!!!! what a bitchin soundtrack \m/ \m/ I'll probably end up ignoring most me games once Assassins Creed 2 comes out, I cannot wait for that game!

Well.... I think thats it for now apart from my tats and piercing is healing well so back to Brutal Legend.............


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