Tuesday, 17 November 2009

2012 - Movie Review

Well I went to see this movie yesterday after a long wait for it to finally be released. I'm a sucker for disaster films of ANY kind so I couldn't wait to go see this one

Soooooo, what do we know already before I get started...

Well as you all may or may not know its based on the supposed end of the Mayan calendar which has been calculated to end on 21.12.2012 (just looks like some kinda code to me that but there ya go who knows might add up to 42 lmfao ). From alot of reading I have done on the Mayan people in the past and the date that was originally calculated (2003) they will probably say they miss calculated if nothing happens... again.

Anyways, I went in expecting it to be the usual American disaster movie.... random humour, suspense, massive on the special effects, cheesy pass-me-the-sickbag sappyness and an over-elaborate will never work in reality plan by the Americans to save the world.... Well I was right about everything bar one thing..... the Americans didn't save the world.. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Can't really say theres any kind of plot to it, worlds gonna end, scientists find out, plans put in place to save some people, the most unlikely person and his family try to get to safety... the usual stuff really. There was too much lovey-dovey 'sobsob I love you so goodbye' pukeness for my liking, but thats me
Rather see all action and pretty explosions in a movie such as this, if I wanna see a movie about people, I'll go see Amelia.

The science behind how the world is ending is pretty good, though I am not quite sure things could happen the way they did in the movie with some of the research I've done before. Simply put, there is these things called neutrinos that hit the Earth all the time, they pass right through everything and have little or no effect on anything. A massive solar storm has doubled the neutrinos hitting the Earth that causes the core to heat up, the crust of the Earth begins to slip causing massive catastrophes.... Phew! (
I see you sleeping! see me after class!) Neutrinos are really really interesting.. read for yourselves - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutrino

Kinda helps if you have a little interest in particle physics though lol
Myself, I couldn't really see that happening but then again it could, this is all just theory and speculation. I an curious to what double the amount of neutrinos over a long period of time will do to matter, maybe thats an experiment for CERN..... The whole idea of the Earth's crust suddenly shifting and causing massive climate changes is not a new theory, it was first put forward in the 1950's. Little bit of interesting reading on this - http://www.science-frontiers.com/sf113/sf113p07.htm

Right I'll shut up now about the science bit... its just interesting to me lol
I can hear you all snoring from here! LMAO!

So, the scientists find it out and they come up with some kinda plan to save people like building huuuuuuuge ships in secret, it turns out to be mainly important people and the rich... seems like that would happen to me, a bunch of 50yrold+ male politicians would put their own asses over everyone elses to 'save' the human race while selling places in the ships to the rich asswipes of the world... not that I'm cynical or anything lol

It was fun watching the world just go totally tits up
Massive earthquakes (though geologists laugh at the prospect of a magnitude 10+ earthquake so that may never happen), massive tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, disruptions in the magnetic field and so on. Was funny as fuck to watch L.A sink into the Pacific and the Yellowstone supervolcano going ka-BOOM??? YES!!!! *claps hands enthusiastically*

My favourite bit in the whole movie, apart from Yellowstone going boom was watching a massive tsunami dump the aircraft carrier USS John F Kennedy on the White House.... I ROFL at that while bouncing and cheering
.... I think the other people in the cinema thought I was rather twisted because of all my giggling at the death, destruction and utter chaos

I was disappointed at the overdose of American sappy make-people-vomit cheese but its to be expected with a movie like this and also that the world didn't go totally ka-BLAM! it didn't even fizzle out
just ended with American cheese and people actually being saved supposed to be the end of the world dammit!!

Best thing I can say for this movie.... leave your brain at home and sit back and enjoy the pretty colours

Remember boys and girls, the 2012 prophecies are just a theory, the world might not end then, but yet again it might. And just cos the world don't end in 2012 it doesn't mean it ain't gonna end, they just might have the date wrong lmao. For all we know it could go ka-BLAM tomorrow lmfao!


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