Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Well... Shit

Well, what can I say?  Apart from it has been TOO FUCKING LONG SINCE I DID ONE OF THESE!!! 
So, what has happened in that time? 
Well nothing on sizeism, don't think that will change till the cunts who are being cunts have a problem that makes them all fat. Am wishing hard on that one sorry lmao  
The biggest thing with me is I have recently survived a pretty big car crash  I was in the car with Stu (the mister). It was a Smart FourTwo if anyone asks. We were out on our normal shopping trip pulling away from some road works and getting up to the road speed. That was 40mph (know the road was 40, we could have been more than 35, could have been less. I know it was about 30 when I last looked at the speedo just before the accident, am paranoid about this shit so I look regularly and tell him off if he is over the limit), think we were about 35mph when the car suddenly veered to the right so much we were looking at the houses on the opposite side of the road. Stu tried to correct it pretty suddenly and the back end hit a raised curb for a bus stop. As it hit and run up the curb the car rolled over  So we got out safely, through the roof of the car  Aye it was one of the glass roof cars. We got an uncomfortable ride to hospital all strapped up in neck braces and on the proper back supports and got to find out the extent of the injuries. Stu came out with a cut on the back of his hand, a few bruises and a couple of bumps to the head with some whiplash. I come out the worst, Lots of cuts and scrapes, a couple I've had to remove glass from  Lots of bruises, to the point you could trace the line of the seatbelt  A few bumps on the head and a massive gash on my head, so big it needed stitches  I've never needed stitches before  It was so fucking scary 
But we are here though, here to bitch about it I suppose is the main thing!
It happened on the 7th Feb and we are still dealing with it. I think we will be dealing with this for quite some time. One thing that keeps running through our heads is hiw the hell did we come out of it with as few injuries as we did??  A testiment to modern car design I think  
Was some owies I came away with. I think my hand looked like it came through a meat grinder -

Was not fun  It was the first day of Stu's 4 day weekend and we where gonna paint some Games Workshop goodies but I couldn't even hold a brush for a while after this 
We did have a lot of problems with this car before this but mechanics have gone over the car and it looks like it was a blow out. There was nothing mechanically wrong with the car at the time but one of the tires was flat and almost off the rim  well... shit... am glad this didn't happen at motorway speeds  The insurance has now paid up and we have been looking for a new car. Oh what nightmare fun that has been 
We've looked at a lot of different cars and looked at the insurance prices and all have been pretty evil with Stu having this on his record now >.< But for the price range we were looking at we found a Jag for less insurance than a lot of cars we where looking at  A lovely Jag X-Type diesel. We looked at loads of stuff before this. We didn't wanna go that small a car again and wanted something we could take the dogs out with us. The kinda space we wanted we ended up looking at diesel estate cars. we fell on this AWESOME Jag! We have a Jag... OMFG we have a Jag  If ya can't tell, we are petrol heads (though this is diesel but fuck off I want fuel economy and not go hippy). Owning a Jag is a big deal to us  Yes it is the diesel estatate Jag but fuck it we have a Jag  It has had a damn good running since we got it too while its still under its warrenty from the garage we got it from and it runs like a total dream  WE WILL make sure we get our moneys worth and it is perfect before the warrenty runs out  Never been more happy tp have CCTV up in the house so I can keep a high res camera recording any activity around the car all the time  I blame morons for us having to do that but fuck it I get to watch the car all the time now hehe 
It is soooo pretty 

I think Stu is well over the moon with his newest ride hehe 
Apart from this there hasn't been much up with me apart from the usual dealings with cunts who think they are my doctors telling me how unhealthy I am cos am fat  If I had a fiver for every time I heard shit like that I would be rich. Yesh I know you all have concerns about people who are overweight but as a fat cunt myself can I say one thing? 
I think that has been needed said  One thing health wise I am pissed about is I can't work out like I normally do since I have whiplash and my physio wont let me do nothing but light excercises till she thinks I can so more. I think I can but I did push it and did me worse hurt 
Well... back to Skyrim now I have finally got it and am now addicted  I know I have had a head injury, I bought a fucking Xbox! lmao 


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